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DestinyQuest - So where do I start?

Posted by M J Ward on 26 January 2023

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I've noticed this question come up a lot recently and obviously with the upcoming The Wrath of Ragnarok this is something that may frequently be on many people's minds. With four books in the series (each one a huge campaign adventure) and a new one on the horizon it is understandable that those new to the series are wondering... where do I start?

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Ultimate Player Guide - Winter's Fury

Posted by M J Ward on 16 January 2023

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If you're currently battling your way across the frozen tundra or icy wastes of the cold north, then help is finally at hand. Wrap yourself up in the warmth of the latest DQ player guide, which is packed with a mammoth amount of information to help you survive the worst that winter can throw at you!

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Ultimate Player Guide - The Heart of Fire

Posted by M J Ward on 26 December 2022

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Hello fellow adventurers!

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Mythical monsters – a colossal new addition to DestinyQuest

Posted by M J Ward on 30 November 2022

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With each new book in the series, I try and introduce some new concepts and game mechanics to keep things feeling fresh and exciting. For the upcoming Wrath of Ragnarok, the highly anticipated sequel to The Raiders of Dune Sea, the biggest new addition is mythical monsters!

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Ultimate Player Guide – The Legion of Shadow

Posted by M J W on 3 November 2022

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Thanks to the talent and dedication of one DestinyQuest superfan, I am rather proud and privileged to be able to bring you some amazing support materials to help you level up your heroes, root out all those secrets, grab that epic loot, and achieve god-level success.

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