Ultimate Player Guide - Winter's Fury

Posted by M J Ward on 16 January 2023

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If you're currently battling your way across the frozen tundra or icy wastes of the cold north, then help is finally at hand. Wrap yourself up in the warmth of the latest DQ player guide, which is packed with a mammoth amount of information to help you survive the worst that winter can throw at you!

Desperate to find that elusive yeti pelt? Frustrated because that final flawless emerald is nowhere to be found? Well, fear not brave adventurer - this guide has you covered. As well as the locations of every valuable item in the game, the guide also has detailed career information, annotated flow charts, a checklist of collectibles, and updated errata. There is even a guide to recurring characters and all their appearances throughout the DestinyQuest saga. 

As always, I must give a big shout out and thank you to DQ super fan Marco Gariboldi who has worked tirelessly on this guide and the many others that support the books in the series. 

Don't forget, Book Five of DestinyQuest (The Wrath of Ragnarok) is hitting Kickstarter next month - 21 February. The landing page for the Kickstarter is now live, so hop on over and sign up so that you can be notified the second that the Kickstarter goes live.

Trust me, you don't want to miss out. There is going to be lots of cool loot and rewards, plus exciting reveals. 

Enjoy and happy adventuring!



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