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Ultimate Player Guide - Winter's Fury

Posted by M J Ward on 16 January 2023

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If you're currently battling your way across the frozen tundra or icy wastes of the cold north, then help is finally at hand. Wrap yourself up in the warmth of the latest DQ player guide, which is packed with a mammoth amount of information to help you survive the worst that winter can throw at you!

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That quiet sense of something

Posted by M J Ward on 18 December 2015

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Hard to believe that another year has almost come and gone, and the time has arrived once again to mull over the ups and downs of twelve months in DQ world. To be honest, I almost wasn’t going to do my yearly review, as I rather off-handedly said to myself – well, there was no new book this year, so nothing to report. But then I realised, that really wasn’t true at all. In fact, this has been a great year for DestinyQuest and there is lots that is worth celebrating.

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Death and all his friends

Posted by M J Ward on 21 February 2014

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Never thought I’d be referencing a Coldplay album on this site, but seemed an apt title for the second part of my look at ‘fatal ends’ in DestinyQuest. As mentioned previously, I’m not a fan of killing off characters and forcing them to restart their adventures from the beginning. While computer games benefit from ‘save points’ to record progress (not something I think translates well to a paper and dice system), I considered how Book Three could offer something a bit different.

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Deathtraps & dungeons – the fatal end in gamebooks

Posted by M J Ward on 16 February 2014

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As gamebook readers, we’ve all been there, bravely leading our aspiring hero through perilous trials, navigating hundreds of paragraphs to draw ever closer to that nail-biting finale. We’ve been diligent, we’ve even made maps, and our backpack is bursting at the seams with an equipment list that reads like a supermarket inventory. Then we hit that choice – the one that sneaks out from no-where.

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