The following are available as FREE downloads to DestinyQuest® players:

DestinyQuest general downloads:


Hero sheet: Is your hero sheet looking worn and tattered? Is it covered in smudges and scrawls, making it impossible to keep track of your epic items and vital potions? Well, now you can download and print off as many copies as you need. Adventuring just got easier. Genius!


Combat tracker: Come back fighting with the DestinyQuest combat tracker – the perfect aid for recording passive damage, health and special abilities. No-one said battling monsters was going to be easy, but with the combat tracker, you’ll be prepared for whatever Valeron can throw at you. Game on! 


Hero vs. hero combat: In DestinyQuest, you can challenge a friend to combat, pitting your hero against theirs to see who is the best. All you need is your hero sheet, a handful of dice – and the courage to put your hero to the test! This document outlines the official hero vs. hero tournament rules.


Team battle rules: Occasionally some monsters are just too powerful to overcome, even for your hero. To stand a chance of defeating these epic foes you will need to team up with a second hero. Combine your powers and abilities to triumph - then that legendary loot will be yours for the taking! 


Combat walkthrough: You've got a backpack crammed with potions, and more special abilities than you can shake a +3 sword at, but do all these magical armaments leave you feeling confused rather than confident? Then get up to speed with this advanced combat walkthough!


The Legion of Shadow bonus content: 


Hero builder (Legion of Shadow): Plan your builds, choose your items and power-up those special abilities with the Legion of Shadow hero builder. Filched from the vaults of the Inquisition, this indispensable guide provides all the vital data you need to craft the perfect legendary heroes. Oh yes, it's time to feel epic!


Abilities glossary (Legion of Shadow): Why waste precious time flicking to the glossary at the back of the book, when you can have all the game’s special abilities available at your fingertips. With this handy document there’s no excuse for mixing up your sears, burns and ignites… download, print out and go battle those bad guys!


The tavern tinker: Tired of getting singed to a crisp, stomped into the ground, tangled, chopped, stunned and KO’d? Perhaps it’s time the tables were turned with some new epic items for your hero. Head over to the Pisa's Rest to view the tinker's latest haul of treasures!


The Heart of Fire bonus content:


Hero builder (Heart of Fire): Glimpse into the future and witness the fabulous treasures that could be yours: weapons and artefacts that will decide your destiny. Forewarned is forearmed – so, go forth prophet, and blaze a path to glory. Only you can make your visions come to pass!


Abilities glossary (Heart of Fire): Become a whirling dervish of ability-spewing doom - laugh in the face of danger (and your opponent's feeble die rolls). The time to fulfill your destiny is here, so take up sword, wand and dagger and give them hell on the battlefield. (Note: contains minor spoilers.)


Legion of Shadow (default hero): A hooded figure, shrouded in mystery, cloaked by the very shadows that perform his dark bidding.  Call on the demonic powers of the Nevarin to aid you in your team battles against epic foes! (This is a default hero for use in The Heart of Fire.)


Heart of Fire colour maps: Brighten up your adventures with full-colour maps for The Heart of Fire! These original maps featured in the first printing of the book and were created by David Atkinson. They have been kindly provided by Gollancz for readers to download and print.


The Eye of Winter's Fury bonus content: 


Hero sheet (Winter's Fury): Weather the storm with this printable herosheet, featuring the new additions to Book Three of the DestinyQuest saga - death moves, death penalties and your transport statistics. Master your new powers and equip your items, as you prepare to face the wrath of winter's fury.


Hero builder (Winter's Fury): The library of Bitter Keep holds many magical wonders. A diligent student could learn much from the dusty scrolls and tomes that have been recovered from the frozen northlands. Knowledge is power - and power will be the key to unlocking your destiny.


Abilities glossary (Winter's Fury): Channel the cold fury of the storm and lay waste to your enemies! Many dread abilities will become yours to command as you venture ever northwards into the savage wilds of Valeron, where only the strong survive. (Note: contains spoilers.)


Puzzle illustrations: There are many challenges you must overcome if you hope to become a true hero of the north. But even heroes need a little help from time to time, especially when it comes to battling giants, crossing an ice lake, and summoning monsters from the bole of an enchanted tree. Hey, no one said it would be easy! 


Team battle: Join up with a second hero to take on the corrupted menace of Nordrassil, a terrible guardian seeded from the great tree Yggdrassil! This battle replaces Entry 584 in The Eye of Winter's Fury, and takes place during the Red quest The Eye of the Storm. (Note: contains spoilers) 


The Raiders of Dune Sea bonus content:


Hero sheet (Raiders of Dune Sea): Sail the sand seas with confidence by printing the new-look 6-page hero sheet for Book Four of the DestinyQuest saga - which features the exciting new additions, such as pets/minions, the vault and a new and improved inventory management sheet.


Colour hero sheet (Raiders of Dune Sea): Take your adventures to the next level with this special colour hero sheet, designed to be used with the special ability cards that were unlocked during the Dune Sea Kickstarter. 


Abilities glossary (Dune Sea): Gear up and ready yourself for a swashbuckling adventure across the Dune Sea. Master new and potent abilities, command loyal pets and minions, and discover the dark abilities of the warp that will unlock new tiers of supreme power!


Tomb of Garriot (Bonus Dungeon Delve): Arm yourselves with the best weapons and spells for this end game challenge as you venture deep into an ancient tomb to discover its many secrets and treasures. 


The Badlands backing track: Evoking the vast wastelands and ramshackle frontier towns of the Badlands, this stunning audio track is the perfect accompaniment to your Act 1 journey. (Composed and mixed by Ben van Gastel and Antal Nusselder.)


The Dune Sea backing track: Desert plains, bustling cities and dark tombs are brought vividly to life through this spectacular soundscape based on Act 2 of your adventure. (Composed and mixed by Ben van Gastel and Antal Nusselder.)

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