Wrath of Ragnarok - now on Kickstarter!

Posted by M J Ward on 13 March 2023

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Just a main site update to remind people that the latest DestinyQuest gamebook, The Wrath of Ragnarok, is currently funding on Kickstarter with 10 days left. Thanks to some amazing fan support we have already unlocked a host of amazing stretch goals, which include:

  • Five art postcards
  • A digital dungeon delve expansion
  • Three loot cards for The Raiders of Dune Sea
  • Three loot cards for The Wrath of Ragnarok
  • A Kickstarter exclusive legendary pet card

The Wrath of Ragnarok is the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Raiders of Dune Sea - and continues your hero's adventure. That means that your fully customised hero from Dune Sea can carry over into the sequel, complete with all their abilities and loot.

The new book also offers a host of new additions to the series, including the colossal and scary mythic monsters! 

Head over to the Kickstarter to join the adventure and help us to unlock even more amazing goodies!

Happy adventuring


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