Ultimate Player Guide - The Heart of Fire

Posted by M J Ward on 26 December 2022

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Hello fellow adventurers!

Just a small update to notify you that I have uploaded the player guide for The Heart of Fire. This guide has been lovingly created by a devoted fan of both the English and Italian DQ community, Marco Gariboldi. It contains everything you could ever need to know on careers, equipment, and choosing your best path through each quest.



Marco has also kindly updated The Legion of Shadow guide - which now includes all the set equipment (and how to obtain it) plus the complete guide to herbs and alchemy (that plays a significant part of Act 2). So, definitely check it out as I am sure even veteran gamers might find something intriguing there!

I've also recently been interviewed by the Critical RollPlayer channel - which contains some cool info on the upcoming DQ book, plus an exciting cover reveal. More info will be coming in the new year on The Wrath of Ragnarok.

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year. I am hoping 2023 is going to be a great one for DestinyQuest - and please join me for the exciting adventure.

All the best





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