Ultimate Player Guide - Raiders of Dune Sea

Posted by M J Ward on 16 February 2023

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From the sand-dusted tombs and ruins of the Dune Sea come fragments of fabulous lore – secrets and knowledge that will aid your hero on their voyages across the desert lands of Khitesh. Thanks to Kay Hyam’s diligent efforts, these sacred texts have finally been catalogued and combined together into a single tome – one that would even impress the grand archmage, Avian Dale.

At last, I’m proud to share the ultimate player guide for The Raiders of Dune Sea (Kay Hyam had a little help from renowned scholar and thaumaturge of the House of Wisdom, Marco Gariboldi, in putting this amazing piece of work together.) Within its pages you will find a rich and detailed guide to paths, careers, pets and minions, as well as priceless information on how to gain all those important reputation bonuses.   

Explorer and scholar Kay Hyam has been hard at work - readying herself for future adventures across the Dune Sea


Like the other player guides in this series, you will also discover flowcharts for every single main story quest and side quest in the book, meaning that you can explore alternate paths and uncover that elusive loot that will help complete your ultimate hero build. (And good timing, as the sequel is on its way!)

The diligent Kay is never one to rest, so has updated all the other player guides too (see the Downloads page for links) – adding in extra info, such as a detailed list of returning characters and all their previous moments and mentions throughout the series.

The Raiders of Dune Sea is available now in paperback and eBook format from online retailers. The sequel (The Wrath of Ragnarok) is coming to Kickstarter next week – the 21 February – so be sure to check it out for awesome loot and lots of surprises.

Happy adventuring!


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