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Your chosen path will determine the careers that your hero can learn throughout their adventures. A hero can only be trained in one career at a time, but they can swap careers any time they wish, providing you have found the relevant trainer or reward item. Some example careers include:


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Many of the sultan’s personal guard are trained in the art of ‘yilan falak’ – the dance of the serpent. Armed with wind-forged saifs, these deadly warriors favour balance and mobility over strength, forever moving fluidly from stance to stance, their blades cutting a whirling storm of magical steel. Often such blades are imbued with runes of shadow magic, to transform their wielder into untouchable spirits of demonic wrath.    



Pirates prey on the sand lanes of the Dune Sea, where trade vessels prove rich pickings for those who are wily. The sultan’s navy, highly armed and fearsome in battle, pose a constant threat to such pursuits – but the buccaneer is their foil, having honed their sword skills to sharp perfection to match that of any admiral. Sharper still is their aim with a flintlock, and when both are brought to bear on a foe, few are left standing.  



There is a saying on the Dune Sea, that an aeronaut’s life is worth more than their captain's. These powerful mages have often sacrificed much to master the difficult art of wind-magic, a vital means of propelling vessels across the vast desert plains. Demand is high and talented aeronauts can name their price, although few are as expertly trained as those in the navy, who undergo harsh years of study in the House of Wisdom.   


Dark Templar 

The templars are a holy order of knights who garrison the southlands as representatives of Valeron royalty and the One God. Trained in sword and shield, these noble protectors answer only to the Cardinal and are often called on to perform secret political missions. Sadly, the lure of darkness can steal the bravest and stoutest of hearts, and many a templar has fallen to shadow, finding fresh purpose for their military talents. 


Tomb robber

Many are those who desire the secrets and artefacts of the ancient elven pyramids, but few are equipped to acquire such treasures. The tomb robber is the embodiment of such pursuits, capable of running the deadly gauntlet of traps and dangers that lie in the darkest of crypts. Greed has seen most pyramids stripped bare to their skeletal innards, but the tomb robber will always find something that others foolishly overlook.



The veil between the physical realm and that of spirit grows ever thin, and with it comes a quickening in the power of the summoner. This practitioner of the dark arts is well versed in the runes of the dwarves and the shadowkin, combining both into powerful enchantments - spells that can bind elementals from the shroud into faithful servants. For the uninitiated, such pursuits can be highly dangerous, for the summoner it is an effortless gift.       

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