How to play


Unlike an ordinary storybook, you don’t read DestinyQuest® by simply turning the pages and reading it from start to finish. Instead, you plan your own journey through the book using the maps.

Each map shows you the locations of all the different quests that your hero can take part in. To select a quest you simply turn to the corresponding numbered entry in the book and read on from there – returning to the map when you have finished.


Map symbols

The following symbols relate to the locations and quests that your hero can visit on each map:


Green ShieldGreen quests are the easiest to complete. Heroes with even the most basic of equipment will still emerge victorious.


Orange quests are slightly more challenging, requiring you to defeat numerous enemies to succeed. 


Blue quests will pit your hero against many powerful monsters, who will have special abilities and higher attribute scores.


Red quests are difficult and should only be attempted once you have completed the other areas of the map.


Legendary monsters represent the toughest challenges in the game. Only confident heroes should tackle these fiendishly powerful foes.


Towns, villages and camps provide a safe haven between quests, allowing you to stock up on potions for the many trials ahead.


The boss monster must be defeated before the player can advance to the next section of the story.

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