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The primary goal of DestinyQuest is to equip your hero with better weapons, armour and equipment. These rewards will boost your hero’s attributes such as brawn and magic, and help them to survive longer in battle. Select your rewards wisely to boost the attributes that are the most essential for your hero. Some epic rewards include:


Tempest’s Fury

North of Talanost, the grey ash of the Bone Fields becomes scorched, red sand. According to legend, this was the site of a great battle between powerful mages. The sand is all that remains of that conflict – heaped in great banks, which swirl and ripple in the wind. Any adventurer fool-hardy enough to brave this magical desert is almost sure to find treasure… and a lot more besides.


Gauntlets of the Fallen

Prince Arthurian was a hero of the first Shadow War, who led his knights into battle against the legion. He sacrificed his own life, and those of his men, to buy time for the king’s army to reinforce its ranks. Following the defeat of the legion, Arthurian and his knights were buried in the Bone Fields, along with their weapons and armour. Many thieves have sought to steal these venerated items – but none have yet to succeed.



Zul’s necromancers have scoured the dark crypts and tombs of the Bone Fields, to find ancient weapons and relics to aid their nefarious plans. Spite is one of these weapons – a barbed dagger enthused with black magic and basilisk venom. The necromancer that carries it knows nothing of its dark history or past deeds… or that this blade will surely seek another’s hand if its hunger is not sated.

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