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Your chosen path will determine the careers that your hero can learn throughout their adventures. A hero can only be trained in one career at a time, but they can swap careers any time they wish, providing you have found the relevant trainer or reward item. Some example careers include:


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The inquisition is a sacred order of divine warriors, founded by King Metrias to lead his armies against those who would oppose the One God. As bearers of the holy flame, the inquisition is unwavering in its mission to root out evil and corruption from the lands of Valeron – as are their faithful spies and agents, the witchfinders.



The assassin is an expert in poisons and powders, stealth and subterfuge. They strike from the shadows, their quicksilver daggers piercing through the toughest of armour. For the victim, it will already be too late. Limbs weaken and senses become clouded as the deadly poisons do their work. The fight is over before it has begun: the assassin’s foe can do little but watch as this silent predator steps in to deliver the final, killing blow.



The Dwarven Chronicles speak of a race of flame demons that dwell beneath the lands of Valeron. These demons are gifted with extraordinary powers – powers that can burn, scorch and sear their foes. It is not unheard of for certain brave scholars to risk the tunnels and caves of the underworld, to find these demons and meet them in battle – for such a victor could, it is said, take the demon’s heart as their own.



In the deep woods and wild places of Valeron, the Dryads still hold sway over the land. These earthen spirits are sworn to protect the borders of their sacred glens, now a haven for old magics and ancient knowledge. As their woodland homes come under increasing threat, the Dryads have turned to others to help protect their charge; brave warriors who have proven their loyalty and vowed to make nature their stalwart ally. 



Evil stalks the lands of Valeron, preying on the weak and poisoning the minds of the vulnerable. Witches, demons, vampires... these dark creatures know no fear, save for the judgement of the witchfinder. Known as 'The King's Hounds', the witchfinders are as deadly as their prey; elite swordsmen and duellists who are trained to deal with the terrors of the night, while the rest of Valeron sleep soundly in their beds. 



The medic is a priest and healer – one who has forsaken the comforts of the church to practise their art where it is needed the most… on the battlefield. Gifted with the light of the One God, the medic is an indispensable companion: healing wounds, setting bones and curing ailments. The weapons of the enemy may be vast and formidable, but few are a match for the faith and wisdom of these devout followers.



The Last Order is a veteran regiment of soldiers, tasked with defending the northern borders from Skardland invaders. Ever vigilant, these heavily-armoured knights are trained in the art of the shield, using it both as a weapon and as a means of defence. This, coupled with their mastery of sword and spear, makes these warriors a versatile ally, capable of holding their own in combat whilst protecting others from harm.



Some say they are the work of demons, shape-shifting assassins that use forbidden magics to heighten their deadly abilities. Others, that they are ‘the fallen’, lowlifes and criminals who have turned away from the world of light to tread one of darkness. Their origins may be as intangible as shadows, but one thing is certain, the stalker is death incarnate – a whirling maelstrom of unstoppable fury that has few equals.



According to the Dwarven magi, the kha or essence of a demon is immortal. Once its bond to the spirit realm has been severed, the demon’s kha can be freely taken. Over time, the bearer of this power can rekindle and absorb the creature’s elemental abilities. However, if the bond with the kha is not eventually broken, the bearer will succumb to madness, becoming a demon themselves.

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