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Your chosen path will determine the careers that your hero can learn throughout their adventures. A hero can only be trained in one career at a time, but they can swap careers any time they wish, providing you have found the relevant trainer or reward item. Some example careers include:


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Amongst the Ska-inuin, few are more highly venerated than the einherjar. These elite warriors, steeped in the lore of their people and the ancient runes of the Dwarves, guard the Hall of Vindsvall and the frozen tomb of their leader, Skoll Surtsblood. In battle, their war-horns, fashioned from bone and the sacred wood of Yggdrasil, strike cold fear in the hearts of their enemies whilst bolstering the courage of those blessed to fight by their side. 


The pirates of Vaidskrig were the first to master the hook and chain, using its deadly reach to snatch opponents from the decks of their ships. Requiring great strength and courage to wield, the weapon quickly won favour amongst the Skardland barbarians. In the right hands, the rune-linked chain, tipped with a harpoon head or bone blade, can whip out at ferocious speed, seizing victims to drag closer for the killing blow.



Rarely, a child of the Ska-inuin will be blessed by the ancestors and possess the gift of magic. These revered individuals, known as the asynjur, provide wisdom and healing for their tribe, channelling the powers of the spirits through their rune-carved totems. The greatest of the asynjur are bound to the Hall of Vindsvall, to pursue the calling and walk the shadowlands of the Norr, searching for the trapped soul of their fallen champion.



Around the watch fires of Bitter Keep, the soldiers will oft tell tales of the beastmen of the north, warriors who can shapeshift to become dread and savage monsters. Bears, wolves, leopards - their forms are many, drawing on the fell spirits of the Shroud to fill their bodies with bestial rage. Those that have tamed such power are unstoppable in battle. For those weaker of mind, the price is losing themselves forever to the beast within.    



They say the sweetest smile has the sharpest tooth. For the Bard, their charming demeanour and ribald wit are weapons as deadly as any blade. Battle is a dance, the slash and ring of weapons its song. The bard is master of such arts, combining speed and agility with their most precious of gifts – their voice. A single pitch perfect note can turn their glass blades into vibrating shards of death, capable of silencing all who stand in their way.   



Skardland was torn asunder by the Cataclysm, leaving a broken wasteland riddled with chasms and rifts. Demons spilled out of the darkness, their countless numbers forcing the beleaguered Dwarves and their barbarian allies to embrace darker magics. Experiments with titan blood produced the Valkryn, powerful mages who could command their frozen realm, crafting armour and weapons from ice - and raising corpses into chilling allies. 


Storm carl

No cold bites as deep as the winter wind, no blade as sharp. The Ska-inuin rightly respect the brutal hand of nature – and the fell demons that slip between worlds, imbued with those same dread powers. Once in a while, a warrior will seek to test their courage, matching their strength against the elements. Those that return will be forever changed, their bodies charged with thunder and lightning – their souls lost to the fury of the storm. 



The frozen wilds are the hunting ground for many savage predators, born off a harsh land where nature culls the weak and survival is afforded only to the strong and the ruthless. In the north, where lives balance on a knife’s edge, there are men and women who rise to such a challenge, pitting their cunning against the harshest of environments to make their fortunes off the rare pelts and trophies that speak of hard-won victories.    



Between the realm of the living and that of the dead, there is the Norr: a shadowland of spirit, where nightmares and other demonic terrors stalk the lost souls that are trapped there. The revenants are those rare mages who have survived that dreadful wasteland, learning its secrets and its powers – ghosts who are able to return to the mortal plane and make those that wronged them suffer for their sins. 


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