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Topic: Lothar - DQ3

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  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Ha ha, that sounds like an awesome combat. And proves that you can always make a viable build out of any abilities and luck you have been given. So happy for you getting through that combat!

    May have said this before, so could be sounding like a broken record, but I am constantly encouraging people to post reviews on Amazon. So you may have done so - if not - always appreciated!

    Good luck against the end boss!

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Nidhogg was seriously wounded in the Battle against Seethe.
    I let him heal his wounds and recover.
    I summoned Naglfar, as support, but i defeated Jormungdar in 12 rounds without its help. Amazing book! "Happy ending" with Queen Anise on my side.
    This book has so many great supporting characters.

    I wanted to try the glaciator career, maybe next time.

    Review written, awaiting to be published on Amazon (i mentioned also upcoming italian version of LoS!).
    Hope that these difficult times will be gone by this autumn.

    Now i wanna play the Team Battle vs. Nordrassil with a Hero (randomly chosen) of a player from this forum.
    He is the lucky one, Simeon The Scholar by Rougie!

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Thanks for writing a review - look forward to reading! (Which Amazon site was it?)

    Good luck with the team battle. I think you will be in good hands with one of Rougie's heroes!

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    i have not played the Team Battle yet; i will do it in the week-end...with all those abilities to keep track i need a full day-off

    but i am playing again DQ2, and this time i wanna try the warrior path.

    The review is on amazon it.

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Yep, saw the review. Many thanks!

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Team-battle report:

    Simeon starts the dance with one of his spells, i fight the second round with no luck, my Warg Strike does only little wounds.
    Our passive abilities starts to cut, infect, scratch, bleed the powerful Nordrassil.
    Nordrassil summons 4 Shades, but in a couple of rounds we destroy them thanx to Simeon's Wave and my Hurricane Rush ability.
    Destroyed the Shades, Nordarassil heal its wounds and is ready to hit us, but we alternate our attacks, we share modifiers, helping our speed rolls and damage score dices.
    I use my Spin Shot, my Overpower and Deep Wound to hurt this majestic Tree of Curruption; but Simeon is the "man of the match", with his Wisdom he freeze the guardian, Immobilise his initiative, Confound and charming him, the arcane spells summoned from his tomes of magic are lethal and destructive.
    Nordrassil collapse at the 13rd round after our passive abilities inflict the last wounds.

    Great battle, we always had the control of the fight; i lost only 17 health, Simeon lost 12.

    I probably will replace my "Guilt Spike" with "The Fell", i already have the heavy blow ability but i improve +3B my stats.

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