Simeon the Scholar

Path: Mage
Career: Scholar (formerly Acolyte)
Speed: 15
Magic: 34 (+acid and disease)
Brawn: 2
Armour: 2
Health: 50
Gold: 650

Head: Mordant Shroud (2sp 3ma Acid)
Cloak: Drakeskin Epaulets (2sp 4ma Backdraft, +Charm)
Gloves: Leather Longarms (1sp 2br Sure Grips, +Charm)
Chest: Glutton’s Robes (2sp 4ma, Leech)
Feet: Ixion’s Shackles (2sp 3ma Immobilise)

Main hand: Codex of Syn (2sp 5ma (+2 ma for spellbook) Freeze, Frostbite)
Left hand: Stones of Dissolution (3sp 5ma (+2 ma for spellbook) Confound)

Talisman: The Mind’s Eye (1ma Scholar Career, Wisdom, Silver Frost)
Necklace: Seaspray Garland (1sp 1ma Wave)
Ring: Seal of Shadows (2ar 1ma Veil, +Vanish)
Ring: Bad Tooth (3ma, Disease, +Heal)

+ Abilities: Demon Claws, Demon Spines, Tome Raider, Bright Spark

I was planning to have ago at being a geomancer, but ended up enjoying scholar too much. The sheer destructive power with the Tome Raider ability is immense. And I gave up some magic to benefits from the excellent sure grips ability. Wave worked well with multiple enemies to distribute my high magic and inflict opponents with disease.

I played through the team battles with the Nevarin character provided in Heart of Fire (quite a bit weaker than my League of Shadows’ heros), but didn’t have any problems. My scholar did the vast majority of the work against Krakatoa. He then joined up with the Einherjar to win the Book 3 Team Battle and again did most of the work.