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Topic: Lothar - DQ3

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  • Lothar - DQ3

    My DQ3 character:

    I missed some codewords, because i did a different route this time.
    Most exciting battle so far?
    Act 1: Vs. the Handler and the 3 Einherjar (section 318)
    Act 2: Vs. Tiamort & Luicris (section 729), Melusine (section 154)

    Name: Lothar AKA Prince Arran / Leader of the Bear Tribe / Bearclaw / Seff / Ghost / The Redemeer / Drokke / The Serpent Slayer
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Storm Carl (former were)
    Abilities: Hurricane Rush (co), Spin Shot (co)

    Stats: S15/B16/M2/A6/H60

    Head: Warg Crow +2S/+2A Ability: Barbs (pa)
    Cloak: Dark Storm +2S/+3B Ability: Splinters (co)
    Gloves: Talons of the tower +1S/+2B Ability: Revenge (co)
    Chest: Captain's Coat +2S/+2B/1A Ability: Overpower (co) + Terrordactyl Scales, +1A + Shadow Fleece, Ability: Warg Strike (co), + Troll's tresses, ability: Insulated (pa)
    Feet: Deep Ice Dredgers +2S/+3A Ability: Heavy Blow (co) + Rune of Healing, Ability: Heal (mo)

    Main hand: Guilt Spike +2S/+3B Ability: Deep Wound (co)
    Left hand: Gram +2S/+2B Ability: Furious Sweep (co) + Rune of Weakening, ability: Curse (sp)

    Talisman: Monstrous Beast +1S/+5H Ability: Bleed (pa)

    Necklace: Glacial Orbit +1S/+2B Ability: Piercing (co)
    Ring: Band of Suffering +1B/+1M Ability: Thorns (pa)
    Ring: Corrupted Eye +1B/+1M Ability: Disease (pa)

    Abilities: Spectral Claws (co), Intimidate (mo), Might of Stone (mo), Salvation (pa)
    Curse: Curse of Frailty (pa) cured.
    Death Moves: Shadow Thorns, Upper hand, Recuperation

    Notes: Elemental Infusion, White Wolf Hunting Permit, Mott's Medallion, Flint and Tinder, Naglfar, Coven Robes, Captain's conch, Dragon's Horn, Body of Spirit

    Naglfar Speed 7, Stability 8, Toughness 10
    Nidhogg Speed 9, Stability 8 (-8), Thoughness 12 (-9)
    Ability: Dragon Fire (co), Tactical Manoeuvres (co), Armor Plating (pa)

    Gold: 350


    1) Flask of Might +3B
    2) Red pills +4H, 3 uses
    3) Tome of Necromancy
    4) Flask of Healing +10H

    Death Penalties:
    1) section 756: Crippled / Removed with Fixing Infuser
    2) section 7: Head blow

    1) section 333: Removed with Soul Charge

    Ice Sled Racing:
    4th Place (qualifiers) Veteran
    Crashed @ section 756, Underdog

    Keywords: Prince, Kitchens, Brawler, Resolve, Trader, Flame, Fractured, Triumph, Hunted, Underdog, Rocked, Brothers, Repentance, Survivors
    Keywords removed: Thievery, Envoy, Gains, Lamp, Tracker, Scripture, Rookie, Veteran

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed profile. Impressive!

    Look forward to seeing how your hero progresses through Act 2.

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Almost the end of the world!
    Such an awesome book.

    only a little doubt (translation/comprehension) about this curse: Curse of Frailty (pa).
    It is a passive ability and i lower my health by 5; until i roll a double.

    Once i rolled a double, am i cured? or it happens every combat?
    I am playing it every combat, it is right?

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Once you roll a double, you are cured of the curse!

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    good! i misunderstood it

    My last attempt to play as a warrior (DQ4) was afflicted by doomed dice rolls!

    Now i have only 1 speed ability (during Act 1 i had 3), so i must rely on passive abilities and counter-attacks when i lose combat rounds; so far it is working great.
    favorite combo: Furious Sweep (co) + Gut Ripper (mo)

    a "coffee-break" with Hal Arbuckle (623) and then ready for the Hardest quest.

  • Re: Lothar - DQ3

    Epic fight vs. Melusine (section 154):

    i don't have the Fimbulwinter i am taking a lot of damages in 3 rounds: 31! but i am doing also big damages with my combat abilities: overpower, spectral claws, deep wound, the might of stone reduces her hits and i heal my wounds the best i can.
    my passive abilities do 5 damages/round, Melusine is constantly hit by barbs and thorns...bleeding infected with a mortal disease! Dance for me witch!
    i decide to use my speed ability: curse, i win the 4th round. i summon the power of the wargs thanx to my special ability warg strike! it's a blood-bath, i do 19 damages.
    Melusine is enraged, her petrifying gaze almost annihilated me...17 damages.
    i don't give up, not after what she did to Anise...Vengeance is mine.
    i drink the elixir of swiftness, i am the leader of the bear tribe, i am bearclaw, I AM NANUK!
    I unleash all my Storm Carl powers, a lethal Spin Shot kills the damned witch.

    How cool is this book?

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