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Topic: Great book but

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  • Re: Great book but

    Well what do you suggest? Speed, is the key, but can you give me a mini-guide of things not to do and what to do, or key skills to look for? I'll give it another read tomorrow.

  • Re: Great book but

    OKay trying to remember. First act get lightning and thorns that gives insane passive damage. And just keep up damage and speed as rogue. When you see a +speed item take it. Piercing is essential, think you get that from undead in tombs. Grab assassin career in act 2 once you can defeat the guy and that gives you extra venom. This is * at end of Act 2 so be prepared that some are immune to venom. but your speed should win. Then Act 3 for rogue its just win really. You can't lose. Passives and assassin career is the way.

  • Re: Great book but

    Dont sweat it monogee lol. I played mage and died a million times. I gave up and played heart of fire. Learned so much about the game so I went back and obliterated everything in legion of shadows because I knew more about what I was doing (SPEEED!). I know how you feeling but you can do it. I just finished book 4 and it was a totally awesome experience. So don't give up.

  • Re: Great book but

    Actually I take back everything I said: So I'm sorry if I hurt anyones feelings

    Going back and re-reading really isn't that bad, I was able to get into character - and now I have some knowledge on what I'm focusing on stat wise.

    Just one more thing - in the other books, do you have to go rouge speed route?

  • Re: Great book but

    I played rogue in the first book on the recommendations on this forum and it plays easier because I think the gear choices are better. I'll confess I went rogue in HoF and really enjoyed it then replayed with warrior. Mage for WF and RoDS. I loved the new game mechanics in RoDS for mages.

    Best advice is always pick items with speed! That's how you "level up".

  • Re: Great book but

    From Book 2 onwards I took a very different approach to speed and the way itemisation works. The speed of items is 'drip fed' in a more formal way so that the speed of items stays consistent for each stage of the book. Therefore, it is very hard to fall behind in speed and find yourself struggling.

    Book 1 was obviously the first one I wrote and a bit of an experiment - that was successful in some areas, but in others probably a fell a bit short. However, like I said, you can use the Italian edition list of changes to 'amend' your book with the balance changes.

    These are largely quality of life improvements to make some items stronger, have more useful stats, and reduces the difficulty of some fights.

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