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Topic: Great book but

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  • Re: Great book but

    That is the the route I went pickpocket, I tried to focus on speed? So your telling me I need go back and read 10 hours worth of gameplay again? I think I best just drop these books off at goodwill. If the author can't balance the very first book, and has loop holes where new players can mess up this bad... yup off to goodwill they good or value village. again I went rogue! then pickpocket!!!!

    I'm darn frustrated... and this book story was so interesting to be enjoyed. If I want perma death, I'll go play fabled lands any day and re-read, cause it feels like I'm really the character- destiny quest has a great story, but the book is not good enought for me to warrent ten hours of my time to fix my character, I'd rather spend 10 hours on another game. My time is valuable. Or if I was into computer games I'd play diablo... where you can fix your mistakes...

  • Re: Great book but

    Ever heard the term "get gud". Ha ha. Sorry but i played games and stunk at them then I come back stronger and with better knowledge. You learn the better abilities and items as you come back to a game. You got to the end of Act 2 on a first run. =Thats good for this book in fact bloody amazing. Like the author says this is a tougher book than all the others so don't judge yourself.

    But I will agree with playing book 2 and 3 because they are so easier and better.

  • Re: Great book but

    What the heck - I'll try another go

  • Re: Great book but

    Will help you all the way so share and rant as you please. I know the book pretty well now.

  • Re: Great book but

    Well what do you suggest? Speed, is the key, but can you give me a mini-guide of things not to do and what to do, or key skills to look for? I'll give it another read tomorrow.

  • Re: Great book but

    OKay trying to remember. First act get lightning and thorns that gives insane passive damage. And just keep up damage and speed as rogue. When you see a +speed item take it. Piercing is essential, think you get that from undead in tombs. Grab assassin career in act 2 once you can defeat the guy and that gives you extra venom. This is * at end of Act 2 so be prepared that some are immune to venom. but your speed should win. Then Act 3 for rogue its just win really. You can't lose. Passives and assassin career is the way.

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