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Topic: Great book but

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  • Great book but

    I give up, my character is like 3 speed behind the boss in ACT 2, book, 1, I'm tired of rolling, and rolling trying to lucky beat him. SO I don't know what to do? I'm going back to reread most of the contents again... so I'm going to probably shelves the books, sadly I own all 4 and probably won't see me reading again... anyone else get into this situation? it's just to hard - I want to read, and love the story, just taking 2 hours to try to beat the boss, is not what i call fun... ty

  • Re: Great book but

    Hi Momo. Really sorry to hear you have hit a wall with LoS. Sadly, you are not the first. The first book is a really tough introduction to the series, and I have been constantly on at my publisher to make some tweaks to balance (which I was able to do for the Italian edition). You can see all those changes in the forum threads.

    I can assure you, the other books in the series are nothing like the first in terms of difficulty. They also have a much greater emphasis on story, your choices, and consequences. So I would definitely urge you to at least try Heart of Fire. You will be blown away by the difference.

    Back to Legion. Have you been able to do the arena quests? They often get forgotten and they might give you some progression of gear. What path are you playing? A three speed difference does seem a lot.

    There are also the additional Tavern Tinker rewards (see the downloads section of this site) - perhaps the cloak or chest item will boost your speed (even if the other stat is not ideal).

    Take a look at the changes made for the Italian edition. You might be equipped with an item that I have boosted in some way. Always worth a try.

  • Re: Great book but

    Post your character momodig and I will try and help. I've done LoS with all three classes.

  • Re: Great book but

    speed 11
    brawn 18
    magic 2
    armor 4

    Charm x2
    Loot Master
    Patchwork Pauper
    Fire Auora
    Deep Wound

    I'd really like to finish the book, but like I said I'm going to shelve the series, I'm stuck at the final boss, Act 2... I don't want to reread 10 hours I already put into the book.

    And I admit, two of the boss monsters in this act I could not beat, so I cheated, hoping to get gear, but nadda... so ya I'm going to cheat anymore. I believe one was the hydra where if you don't kill it after three turns, it regenerates back to full health... was one I cheat on, the other I can't remember, was frustrated, I hit this block at the time was going to throw the book in the trash bin And was yay this is great got all 4 books, hopefull there will be a 5th, now that's changed, I really don't care if I read the others or a 5th... to much mundane rolling, trying to beat the same monster over and over.

    Sadly I find d100 or four against darkness more satisfying sorry just my thought a newbie... I wanted to play this for the story, and four against darkness for the rolling.. And the rolling in four against darkness is much more interesting. Not putting down the book, just saying for someone new to this type of book, it's very unforgiving and I don't recommend it to new people to the genre, one mistake, picking the wrong gear, seems to vital and more important to the book the the story. It's sad the author wrote such beautiful words, only to be hindered by poor gear choices.

  • Re: Great book but

    I've done all the quests up to this point, ACT 2 boss

  • Re: Great book but

    Pickpocket is a terrible career choice unless you know the book and what abilities to keep. Looks like you went for charm and thats a bad choice. Heal for a rogue is bad too so not sure what item is giving that. You should have gone down the poison route with assassin or witchfinder if you could get it. Without venom or passives you are gonna struggle with that path. Can only think you traded good skills with pickpocket.

    Any consolation is that i played warrior and then started over as another character. I knew more about what I was doing. Speed is the only thing you need to keep up.

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