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Topic: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

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  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Its funny. Bk1 is NOT easy and often downright frustrating but it made you WORK for everything. You had to think hard about every choice. Bk2 wasn't the same for me. Loved it but too easy.
    Bk1 I go back to all the time. I still relive happy gamebook memories with it I hope the new book returns to the harder challenge. Bk1 overall the best!

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Hi Mean Streak,

    Yes, I agree Act 2 is tough for mages - I went for Speed over Magic in that Act, so I was hitting a lot but not very hard. It all changed when I became a Pyro (was an Alchemist) - I then started dishing out a fair bit of hurting (nice! )

    I am also now the proud wearer of the Diamond of the Tundra, so I do have piercing at last.

    I gave up the Pyro career in favour of the Necro in Act 3. I am having an easier time of it now - the Necro can dish out a lot of damage with his Shades ability but you need high Speed to make this career work (which I do have) - the Pyro isn't as reliant on Speed. Think I do prefer the Pyro though (just).

    Redoubt - I agree that Book 1 is tougher than Book 2, however I fell at the final hurdle on Book 2 on my first attempt. I didn't make things easy for myself by being Hexed for a large portion of the story and I don't think I got my Warrior build right (a Drake with low armour and high brawn? Didn't seem right somehow). Anyway, I found the final battles of Book 2 were becoming too frustrating and were obviously too much for my poor Warrior build so I gave up. I'll go back to that book as a Rogue on my next go, I think. I too think I prefer Book 1 to Book 2 but I think this might be down to familiarity - I could be wrong. I'm keen to go back to Book 2 after my current LoS playthrough because I missed so much of the Terral Jungle in Act 2.

    Cheers all!

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    That's not how I read it at all. If I inflict damage on shadow terror, its armour is first to go. So if I inflict 6 points of damage in the first round, its armour is now ZERO. It goes up to ONE at the end of the round. I'm not sure why this is confusing. Why is its armour immune to damage? It doesn't say so in the text. If that's the case then it cannot be defeated unless you have abilities which ignore armour. It SHOULD say, "At the end of each combat round its armour is restored AND increased by one" for the current interpretation to make sense.

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Damage does not remove armour. Armour absorbs the damage that a character would have taken. So if you did 10 damage and an opponent has 8 armour, then you do 2 health damage. The amour remains at 8 - unless you use abilities to lower it or ignore it.

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    I had NO idea that's how armour worked. I've been playing wrong this whole time. I've been making things needlessly difficult. Thanks for the clarification. It actually makes more sense than the way I've been playing. Maybe the honourable thing to do is go back and fight the shadow terror?

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    I went back and fought the Shadow Terror. Tougher when armour is applied properly. It was the honourable thing to do even though at this point my character easily dispatched this horror!

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