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Topic: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

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  • LoS - Shadow Terror Question


    Should the Shadow Terror in the Blue Quest of Act 2 (LoS) have an upper limit on the Armour score that it can reach?

    In my current battle, it is on 6 Health remaining but it's Armour rating is at 18 now. I have a Magic of 11 with no damage modifiers left and I have used the only ability I had that ignores armour. So I can no longer damage it (and I have no passive damage effects). Furthermore, I have Lifespark, a high Speed score and high Armour myself which means that it is doing me very little damage (it doesn't often hit me and when it does it is for a small amount - so it is 'chipping' away at my Health). Then I roll a double and get 4 Health back. The fight seems endless and as I can't damage it at all I know is that it will eventually kill me (in maybe 100 rounds or so!)

    So my question is - was it intended for the Shadow Terror's Armour to grow too high for it to be damaged or should there have been an upper limit which might have been omitted?

    Anyway, I'm giving up the fight and starting again (my damage rolls were pretty poor) as I should be able to beat it as is - but I was just wondering.


    Edit: Aargh! I just finished my 6th attempt (using a Glittercap to help this time) and got it down to 1 Health before my Magic went to 10 and it's Aemour went to 16. Why is this fight giving me so much trouble? I know my Magic is a little lower than it would normally be at this stage but I don't recall ever having this issue before (I sacrificed some Magic to get a higher Speed when selecting my gear thus far - as I failed miserably with my last Mage character due to poor Speed and wanted to avoid that mistake this time)

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    My tip: save your piercing until as late as you can. Ignores all that armour

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Thanks Mother Lode - unfortunately I don't have 'Piercing' (not sure if there is any Mage gear with this ability). The only ability I have that ignores Armour is 'Backdraft' and I do save that until the last minute but keep rolling low for my three dice of damage. Aarrgh! Frustrating!

    Edit: OK - just managed to kill it on my seventh attempt. It had 9 Health left with an Armour of 12 and I used 'Backdraft' and scored a '9'. Phew! I would have probably given it an upper Armour limit though - maybe 12 or something would still make it a challenging fight. Just IMO

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    This is something I have been asked a few times. I did almost change this encounter when it came to 'patching' but decided in the end to leave it as it was originally written.

    The idea/strategy is to (obviously) kill it as soon as possible, before it grows too powerful to defeat. As Mother Lode states, abilities that ignore armour really come into their own here (and that includes passives, like bleed, thorns and venom) - and those that allow for the rolling of extra damage dice.

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Act 2 is a toughie for mages when we have to choose between speed and magic on most of our equipment. Some fights a real pain with not enough damage but gets loads easier with Act 3!!

    Pyromancer or alchemist essential for Act 2 I prefered pyromancer.

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    BTW diamond of the tundra gives mage piercing

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