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Topic: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

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  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    That's not how I read it at all. If I inflict damage on shadow terror, its armour is first to go. So if I inflict 6 points of damage in the first round, its armour is now ZERO. It goes up to ONE at the end of the round. I'm not sure why this is confusing. Why is its armour immune to damage? It doesn't say so in the text. If that's the case then it cannot be defeated unless you have abilities which ignore armour. It SHOULD say, "At the end of each combat round its armour is restored AND increased by one" for the current interpretation to make sense.

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Damage does not remove armour. Armour absorbs the damage that a character would have taken. So if you did 10 damage and an opponent has 8 armour, then you do 2 health damage. The amour remains at 8 - unless you use abilities to lower it or ignore it.

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    I had NO idea that's how armour worked. I've been playing wrong this whole time. I've been making things needlessly difficult. Thanks for the clarification. It actually makes more sense than the way I've been playing. Maybe the honourable thing to do is go back and fight the shadow terror?

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    I went back and fought the Shadow Terror. Tougher when armour is applied properly. It was the honourable thing to do even though at this point my character easily dispatched this horror!

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    Ha ha, glad you took the honourable approach!

    The Shadow Terror is a tough fight and requires some thinking/tactics, but all the more rewarding once the nasty critter is finally laid to rest!

  • Re: LoS - Shadow Terror Question

    I did too had many problems with this monster.

    I had a 13 Speed and 10 Brawl. I also had the Spark of Life and Sear for extra damage and also a Reposte.

    There was no way to defeat this foe. I had to wait and play again and again until i got enough damage on the first few round.
    I couldn't change any of my gear since it was already the best and i mean the best i could find and there was no way to acquire some kind of potion to raise my strength.

    So i did the same combat over and over again until i got lucky. Not a very pleasant moment in the game.

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