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Topic: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

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  • Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    (Currently going through Act 2 of DestinyQuest 1: Legion of Shadow Kindle Edition)

    Name: Yoimiya
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Pickpocket
    Health: 35
    Stats: 7sp, 5br, 0ma, 4ar
    Defeats: 17

    Head: Troll's Nose Ring (2br) charm
    Cloak: Crusader's Mantle (1sp) charm
    Gloves: Mason's Gloves (1sp) first cut
    Chest: Studded Leather (2ar)
    Feet: Boar-Hide Boots (1sp 1ar) steadfast

    Main hand: Shiny Dirk (1sp 2br)
    Left hand: Rage Claw (2sp) piercing

    Talisman: Spindle's Eye (1sp) charm

    Necklace: Stone Collar (1ar) charm
    Ring: Traveller's Band (1br) charm
    Ring: Weather Ring (n/a) lightning

    I have been interested in getting the DestinyQuest books many years ago but wasn't able to buy it until recently where I bought the first three books via Amazon Kindle (with the intent of buying the fourth one soon).

    My first and current character is more of a loose "RP Build" of Yoimiya, the fireworks-loving archer from Genshin Impact. Her appearance is my current profile pic in this forum . My rules are pretty much:

    1. I have to have a bow as a weapon. Though, since I haven't came across any bows throughout Act 1 and Early Act 2, I don't think they exist as weapon types in the first DestinyQuest, do they?

    2. Prioritize fire-themed gear, like those that give special abilities like Sear. Though, I've disregarded this rule once when I passed on a ring that gives sear.

    Act 1 was a little rough for me since I missed a few opportunities for loot and lost some battles I wasted potions in. It wasn't until I started building Yoimiya's speed that battles became manageable. Though, there have been times when I got too arrogant and expended my special abilities way too early. There was also a period of time when I challenged a particular enemy relatively unprepared, Noldor the First King, and got decimated many times before I had to pause the quest and move on to another until I grew strong enough to vanquish Noldor. Still, he was fun to fight. Other fun battles I had in Act 1 were the three legendary monsters and the act boss himself, the Bridge Troll. The Bridge Troll taught me a harsh lesson to improve my brawn alongside my speed.

    For Act 2, I'll have to find out.

    As for special abilities, Piercing is a very fun skill, Lightning is awesome, Steadfast actually saved my hide against the bridge troll, and Charm stacking is ridiculous.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Had to double and triple check to make sure my gear's stats and abilities are all good, and the math to determining my current stats is correct. My mind can fool me like that sometimes...

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Hi Randy
    Thank you for sharing your awesome hero. The Legion of Shadow is probably the toughest of all the books. It might be worth noting that I made quite a significant amount of balance changes to the book (for the Italian edition) that are provided here:

    You may also want to check out the player guide on the downloads page, that also catalogues these for you.

    To be honest, most of the changes were to help bolster warrior and warrior loot, and tweak some combats to make them less harrowing.

    There are a few bows in the game but they are warrior equipment. Also, fire is mostly a mage element - although there are a few abilities like sear that a rogue can claim throughout the adventure.

    I hope that you continue to enjoy the book. Rogues are pretty strong in the Legion of Shadow if you can keep an eye on your speed and brawn - you should be fine!

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Ohh! Sorry for my late reply, but that is interesting to hear you made some balance changes. I'll make sure to check them out, thanks! And I'll check out the player guide too.

    And huh, guess I chose the wrong path for bows, but that's fine since rogues are very nice. I'll keep that in mind when I move onto the next books.

    Anyways, I've made some progress with Yoimiya since I first posted her equipment. I'll probably update my first post soon when I accomplish what I perceive as a great deed during Act 2.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Rogues get flintlocks in Raiders of Dune Sea - so you can turn your rogue into a Clint Eastwood style gunslinger lol.

    By the way, did you know that the latest book is now on Kickstarter? The Wrath of Ragnarok. In case you are interested.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Ah, thank you for informing me! I have seen Wrath of Ragnarok on Kickstarter now. I've been thinking about chipping in a bit to contribute, but as nice as the reward tiers are, they don't interest me a big deal because I'm more of a digital reader than a physical reader, so I feel getting a paperback copy may be counterintuitive for me; or, is there an option to still get a digital copy from the reward tiers?

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