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Topic: DQ Book IV in stock

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  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Hello Michael! Ordered book 3, 4 just now. The first two books were tremendous and the effort you had put into it is evident on every page. I am a strictly solo board gamer and want my games to have that "campaign" feel and have a high replayability. DQ fulfills that wish totally. Ordered your books along with the Graphic Novel Adventures box set from Van Ryder Games. I wish you all the health, happiness and success and I want you to keep developing this franchise further. Regards from India.

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    That is great news and thanks for sharing. Yes, the books are certainly designed to give that solo campaign/MMO-RPG experience, so I am pleased that they are hitting the mark. If you enjoyed the first two then I am confident that you will love Winter's Fury and Dune Sea!

    If you're able to a pop review on or some time, then I'd really appreciate it, to help spread the good news... (I note you are in India so probably don't have accounts with them, but hey - I ask everyone, as reviews really help with sales and boosting the visibility of products, as well as amazon promotions).

    Cheers and keep us up to date with how you get on with the next two.

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  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    But I have always bought everything from sellers who import books and games from the US and the UK. That saves the huge shipping cost. And let me tell you, your books have always been in stock and I've always received them through Amazon Prime.

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Have you been to a site named, maintained by Damien Katz? Plenty of gamebooks/cyoa reviews in there. I think it is the most complete archive of gamebooks. I had written a review for The Legion of Shadow back in the day on that site and I also posted that on Amazon. Suddenly remembered this and wanted to share it with you. Here is the full review:

    mray0093's Thoughts:    

    First and foremost, all books in this series are like self-contained epics. They are huge in volume and people looking simultaneously for depth and length in a gamebook would be amply rewarded if they come across the first book in the DestinyQuest series, The Legion of Shadow. The book is divided into three acts, each act complete in itself. There are various quests which are marked on the map according to their difficulty. Boss fights are also there which are a boon for players due to the attractive bonus items made available after the fight is over. The game system is well-structured and the combat rules are pretty smooth. You can travel anywhere you want, explore markets and towns, buy stuff, help NPCs and keep customizing your character with better and still better gear. There is no permadeath. You can start playing again from the point where you died and play the same quest again or choose a different one from the map. Dice determine the outcome here, the randomness of which gets more or less balanced by the game mechanics. Overall, a great game. Do check it out.

    Oh and btw, enjoying the third book greatly. Familiar concepts and worldbuilding, yet totally new and refreshing gameplay. You are Da Boss, literally!!

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Hi all,

    I was late for kickstarter and just want to ask if there is a way to buy hard-copy of book IV?

    Thank you.

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