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Topic: Career sneak peeks

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  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    There are no team battles in the third book. A couple were planned, but for narrative and space reasons (and the fact that most of the end battles in the book are pretty epic anyway) there didn't seem much need for them. However, I'll probably write one as bonus content, which players have the option of including in their playthrough. You would use your HoF hero, yes ;)

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    The final career sneak peek is now live - the hauntingly epic Revenant:

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Revenant? Interesting. That will be one to look at. I'm still partial to the Poet, though ;)

    As for the Team Battle... Only the HoF hero? So what does that tell us?

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    I wonder if we have to fight Lorcan at some point and have to free the nevaran hero? That would be cool.

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