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Topic: Heart of Fire careers

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  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    The two main factions factor significantly in Act 1. That's about all I can say at the moment. There are also three 'minor factions' in Act 2, but they relate to a quest rather than career choices.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    The Druid is up on the page now. I can only hope that one of the abilities is a cat form (ala World of Warcraft). Lasts 2 rounds, gives +2 speed and allows 2 damage dice. Although, that might be overpowered.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    No shape-shifting powers I am afraid - in this book at least ;)

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Added the pilgrim career to the 'How to play' section:

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Rogue, right?

    Skill wise, this is what I'm looking for.

    Turkey Call - Summons a flock (or rafter if you want) of turkeys to peck at your enemy. Each turkey does 1d6 of damage. You must roll 2d6 to determine how many turkeys are called. You must roll damage for each turkey individually. Their damage ignores armor (getting pecked in the eyes hurts!)

    Pumpkin Pie - Bake a pumpkin pie that you can use to throw at your opponent to slow them by 2 Speed for one round. Alternatively, you can eat the pie for 10 hp (hey, pumpkin pies are good)

    And to go along with this, there must be a Legendary Turkey boss called The Gobbler. The Pilgrim does double damage, but cannot use Turkey Call on this boss. That is because The Gobbler is the king of turkeys. They will not fight against their lord.

    I should emphasize that I'm American, thus pulling in a lot of Thanksgiving related stuff to this.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    For a moment, when I first read the skill title Turkey Call I thought you were being serious!

    Perhaps I should have a secret unlockable 'Turkey Level' (like Diablo's version of the cow level). That would be pretty cool ;-)

    No, I'm afraid in this context the pilgrim is more holy travel and less turkey. Although, funnily enough pumpkin pie is a little nearer the mark regarding something in DQ2...

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