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Topic: Heart of Fire careers

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  • Heart of Fire careers

    At last, I can now reveal some of the new careers from The Heart of Fire. These comprise the Brigand and the Pariah, the warrior and rogue careers from the new Wiccan faction:

    More careers will be added over the coming weeks/months in the run up to the release of the new book. Enjoy!

    (Oh, and check out my Facebook page if you want to see high-res versions.)


  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Lol. Two careers and already want to play them both! Great artwork I really like the look and sound of the wiccan faction. Look forward to finding out more about them.

    Back to the betrayed quest and my fourth attempt at the decayers for the shield Took me 45 minutes to kill the banshee. Low speed not so good here.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Pariah is seriously cool. These careers are really exciting so far. I'm interested to see what the wicca mage will be, might be my choice for book two.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    you only play one faction per hero? wonder if you can gain faction standing with more than the one

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    There are two main factions. You can only side with one faction, based on the decisions that your hero has made. To experience the other faction, you will need to play through again with another hero.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    This is a really cool idea, Careers based on a faction. Kindof like the Paladin/Shaman in World of Warcraft (before the expansions). Do these factions factor in through the whole book?

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