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Topic: The Legion of Shadow errata

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  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    possebly an errata for the assasins career deadly poisons (increas venom by 1 to 3)is modifier then later poison mastery (increas venom by another 1 to 4)is passive

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    Ah, I see your point - yes, poison mastery should really be a (mo) modifier rather than a (pa) passive, but no biggie in terms of game play.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    This isn't an error in the book, but the .pdf Hero Builder for Legion of Shadow lists the Spindlesilk Cloak as being +1 Speed, +2 Armour.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    Yep, that should be +1 speed, +2 magic.

    I'll hopefully get that and the other changes done later today and uploaded.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    There are actually numerous mistakes in all the books' item sheet documents. I was going to go through and do a list of them all, but it felt pernickety of me to do that - since the sheets are such an amazing (and freely given!) resource.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    It's likely. You can go quite cross-eyed doing those spreadsheets, so easy to slip a wrong number into a wrong column. Also, some items might have had last minute changes during the editing process. I was hoping that perhaps the community may have taken that data and created something more interactive with it - and through that, make any necessary changes and edits as they arise.

    Anyway, when I have a free moment, I'll make some of the changes I have spotted.

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