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Topic: The Legion of Shadow errata

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  • The Legion of Shadow errata

    As always, a few gremlins have crept into the works. The following errata relates to the new edition of The Legion of Shadow published by Gollancz.

    Entry 449
    The (requirement mage) text should be linked to the t-bone wand, not the ring of the marshes.

    Entry 517
    The reward item 'Ridgeback' should be labelled (left hand: shield)

    Entry 791
    Option text should read:

    Will you:
    Ask to see the special deals? 815
    Ask to see the rare items? 803

    Entry 671
    The text should read:
    Congratulations, hero! You have overcome the challenges set before you and have earned yourself the title, The Betrayer. Thanks to your efforts and decisions, you have helped save the kingdom of Valeron from the sinister Legion of Shadow!

    Entry 861
    The styraxian steed - the armour value of 16 is correct. (Ignore the reference later to armour 18.)

    Also note the following ability corrections:

    Shadow speed has been changed to a modifier (mo) ability and is no longer - incorrectly - a (sp) ability. The updated text, as taken from the new glossary is:

    Shadow speed (mo): When rolling for your attack speed, all results of [1] can be changed to a [3].

    Also, Black rain was incorrectly categorised as a passive ability. It is a combat ability, as fits the description.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    Were there any errata in the 1st edition?

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    No errata in the first edition. Actually, the shadow speed change would have been relevant to that edition also, but that is all.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    My copy of Legion of Shadow which isnt the Gollancz version doesnt evem have an entry 791 or 861. The last entry is 782.
    Is this correct?

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    Thats the first edition that didn't come with the extra quests. All of that was added to the Gollancz versions. If you scroll down the downloads page all those extra pieces are there

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow errata

    Correct. The original self-published version of Legion had 782 entries. When Gollancz re-published Legion, the bonus content from the website was added in (Waldo's Wares, Waking the Dead, The Betrayed) to bring the number of entries to 939.

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