Wrath incoming – Feb 2023

Posted by MJW on 11 October 2022

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Okay, it’s been a while since I updated the official site. And I do admit I kind of rely on other social media platforms these days to relay info to interested parties. But there is also something significant and lovely about charting these milestones in DQ history via the website.

Book Five of the series is nearing completion. I am around ¾ of the way through the narrative, with just a few quests left to wrap up. I intend to bring this to Kickstarter in February next year, when I am hopeful we will see a successful campaign with lots of unlocked goodies for fans.

I feel hopeful because the recent World Companion campaign appears to have garnered lots of fresh interest in the series – and I’ve also teamed up with some elite YouTubers to help spread the message about the wonders of DestinyQuest during January and February.

This is a new beginning. The Raiders of Dune Sea marked a pivotal shift in the level of my writing and game design, and marked the start of a new and exciting standalone trilogy. The next book – The Wrath of Ragnarok – is the second part of that trilogy. And is a first for DestinyQuest as you carry your hero across from The Raiders of Dune Sea straight into the new book. So, this is my new starting point for the series. Kill the past – as they say. Look to the future.

I have been conscious for a while that Dune Sea ended on a cliff hanger. So, I felt a social contract to write the next book, if only to answer the question ‘what happens next?’. Fans will not be disappointed with the rollercoaster ride of adventure that awaits them. I am so proud of the next book – the characters get deeper and more nuanced, you get to influence their paths, and the world opens up even more to your hero and your ambitions. It’s a book full of wild adventure and exciting twists and turns, that fans will love I am sure.

There are also new mechanics, including mythic monsters and companion abilities, that await to be discovered. I will be exploring these in more depth over the coming weeks.

So, please keep February in your diary folks. This is gonna be a true event and milestone in DQ history. I hope that you will be there to pledge support and witness the fun!

Happy adventuring


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