Ultimate Player Guide – The Legion of Shadow

Posted by M J W on 3 November 2022

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Thanks to the talent and dedication of one DestinyQuest superfan, I am rather proud and privileged to be able to bring you some amazing support materials to help you level up your heroes, root out all those secrets, grab that epic loot, and achieve god-level success.

An Italian fan of the gamebooks, Marco Gariboldi, has been working diligently on this guide for many months. Not only has he rigorously catalogued all the changes between the Italian edition and the English edition, but he has also produced amazing flowcharts of every single quest in the game – providing info on items, monster encounters and other secrets.

What may be of interest to readers, is the fact that the flowcharts incorporate all of the balance changes that were introduced with the Italian edition, designed for ‘quality of life’ purposes to streamline and balance the game, and make it more fun. Therefore, you can print out the flowcharts and follow them as you play, to note any changes in items and monsters that occur throughout. These changes are in red on the flowcharts, so they are easy to compare with the original. Links to the flowcharts are provided within the player guide PDF.



The player guide itself also reveals all the careers and how to unlock them, as well as their unique abilities. Marco has also meticulously recorded all of the collectible items that have been released in conjunction with the book (such as loot cards and bookmarks) so that you have a handy ‘at a glance’ guide to all of the existing items/rewards/bonuses that are available for this book.

And the fun doesn’t end there. During The World Companion Kickstarter, dedicated fans unlocked the full set of Legion of Shadow ability cards. These full colour cards are available to download and print, and provide a perfect reference to help manage your abilities during combat.

The links are on the downloads page of this website and also reproduced below:

Player guide link

Ability cards link 

Hope you enjoy and happy gaming!

Let me know what you think. Guides for the other books are incoming.



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