The Italian Job – a new edition of Legion of Shadow

Posted by M J Ward on 27 August 2020

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First off, sorry that news has been scarce this year. It’s been an odd year, all things considered – as I think we can all attest to. I’ve also had many work projects that have eaten into my time, so I’ve not had a chance to sit down and start penning DestinyQuest V yet. But rest assured that I keep a notepad handy, and I am always scribbling down ideas in readiness.

There is, however, some good news on the DQ front. At last I can proudly announce that Italian boardgame and book publisher Giochi Uniti are producing the Italian translation of The Legion of Shadow.

So, let’s start by sharing the amazing cover artwork by artist Federico Musetti. 


This is not the final cover, but as you can see, it’s shaping up to be a stunning addition to the DestinyQuest line.

As well as new artwork, the book itself will feature a considerable number of balance changes to make the gameplay more fun and accessible for new players. As well as many changes to items, warrior items in particular, there are also tweaks to some of the tougher combats. These should hopefully ensure that players can now enjoy exploring more versatile hero builds – and will be able to enjoy the content without getting too bogged down in lengthy combats, which I know can be a drag with the first book.

So, all in all, I think Italian gamers are in for a real treat – and I fully imagine many DQ collectors and fans will want to pick up a copy of this, if only for the stunning artwork and high-quality production that is going into this volume. I really hope that the book proves to be a success, so that Giochi Uniti can go on to translate the other books in the series.

The Italian edition of The Legion of Shadow is due for publication later this year. 

For more info on Giochi Uniti be sure to check out:


Happy adventuring!


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