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Space, the final frontier

Posted by M J Ward on 16 September 2011

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They say buying a house and moving are two of the most stressful things you can do. I’ve experienced both before and swore ‘that’s the last time… no, really…’ and yet here I am moving home once again. In some ways it is a relief as, since moving in temporarily with my girlfriend, most of my ‘stuff’ has been locked away in storage or packed in crates – not a great and relaxing way to live and – pity me – I’ve been without my consoles for a good four months (why did I think putting them in storage was a good idea?). So, we’re finally moving into somewhere that actually has space…

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Metal dogs, zombies and a troll that likes cheese

Posted by M. J. Ward on 4 July 2011

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Writing is a lonely business; cocooned in an office (perhaps office is too grandiose a term – a cluttered, dusty space with some drooping unhappy plants and a lot of unpacked boxes…) with only the occasional glance out of a window to remind myself that there is, indeed, a world out there. With people in it. Sometimes that freaks me out. But a few comforting cups of coffee later (wonder if it will perk up the plants…) and some soothing noises from my nearest and dearest, and I’m able to pull myself back together again. The men in white coats can wait another day.

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More dakka dakka!

Posted by M. J. Ward on 26 May 2011

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This is what I was shouting earlier today, as my green-skinned ‘Lootas’ and ‘Shoota Boyz’ faced off against a massive Eldar Avatar. They should have been smashed to smithereens – they were using the equivalent of pea shooters against something that eats entire cities for breakfast. The odds were, quite frankly, ridiculous. But by clever positioning and some luck on my side, I won. My opponent was less than impressed. But then, you should never underestimate the little guy.

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