Running the gauntlet - Dungeon Delves in DQ4

Posted by M J Ward on 10 September 2018

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Book Four of the DestinyQuest series introduces a new hidden quest type, the Dungeon Delve. These are especially tough challenges that follow their own special combat rules.

When taking on a Dungeon Delve, you will not have chance to restore your health or any lowered attributes between combats. Instead, you must move from one combat to the next without ‘resting’. This means that you will need to manage your health carefully and employ strategy to defeat each wave of opponents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The good news is that your abilities are restored between combats, so you can let loose with everything you’ve got – as you’ll certainly need to, in order to survive!

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As you progress deeper into the dungeon, you may discover a ‘save point’, where you can restore your health and any lowered attributes. These locations will also offer up a choice of loot to choose from as a reward for your progress. You can then venture deeper into the dungeon to tackle the next wave of challenges – and so on, until you defeat the final dungeon boss.

The rewards will get better the further you progress – and some Dungeon Delves may also be linked to faction specific challenges and reputation gains (see the previous update on tracking reputation).

Dungeon Delves are optional encounters which become unlocked as you explore and complete quests in each act. As already mentioned, they are tough challenges – and therefore will give experienced players a chance to really test their mettle against powerful opponents in strategically demanding encounters. Some of the best game rewards can be gained from completing delves and defeating the final dungeon bosses.

So, are you prepared for the challenge?  


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