Phoenix rises from the ashes

Posted by M J Ward on 18 December 2019

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I think it’s fair to start off with an apology. An apology for this year. That might sound odd as I finally released Book IV of the DestinyQuest saga – The Raiders of Dune Sea – in my opinion the crowning glory of my game writing so far. But I am sure, as fans and kickstarter backers are aware, it was a tough process – with me unfortunately falling foul of a disreputable publisher, who – despite my best efforts (and money) to rectify and fulfil promises – still decided it was okay to burn me in the end.

I won’t deny, I have had a lot of flack and illwill directed my way via email from disgruntled readers who oddly held me personally responsible for what Megara did. I was as much a victim as you guys, and trust me, cost me much more financially (and mentally) in the long run. After already spending a ridiculous sum of money to re-do and improve the amateurish work produced by Megara, the final ‘bankruptcy’ of his company left me a in a really tough spot. But my heart is with the fans, so I dug deep to find the funds and get the book published – which would otherwise never have happened.

Don’t worry, not saying this for praise or a pat on the back. Far from it. I more than anyone recognise how frustrating it can be to back something and be frustrated, then asked to spend yet more money. So I feel for each and every Kickstarter backer. But the reason I do raise this is because it has set back my work on the next book.

Due to spending so much on the production of DQ IV, I am still working to offset that – and get into a comfortable spot where I can start writing again. Planning of the next book is going sort of well… I am struggling mostly on the early quests (which is a bit of a speed block) but I had that with DQ IV, and I just need my revelation to drop pieces in the right place. But have a lot of cool ideas for the next book and keep jotting those down.

Family problems of late have also acerbated my delay – my mum had a bad fall which has resulted in time in hospital. Other commitments, notably my newfound faith as a Jehovah’s Witness, has meant that I am now doing more to further my faith and knowledge, and help preach the word. The last detail may come as a surprise to some, but I can assure you that it won’t inhibit my writing – and actually strengthens many of my existing themes, characters and beliefs.

With faith comes positivity for the future. And I can assure you that 2020 is looking bright for DestinyQuest. There will be an Italian edition of Legion of Shadow coming out (which I am introducing some balance changes to, to make it easier to play) as well as my possible nomination for a major writer’s award (more on that if anything comes to fruition!).

So, in short – DQ V is delayed but I wanted to reassure everyone that I am still committed to it and the continuation of the saga. But life gets in the way, as it always does, so just need to find my sweet spot where I can comfortably set aside a few months to write it. So please keep the faith and post those reviews, and keep spreading the word of the DQ saga.

Keep gaming. And all the best for the new year. 

Happy adventuring!


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