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Posted by M J Ward on 23 January 2014

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This is a news update I’ve been wanting to write for a while now, to share some of the great things that are happening on the international scene regarding DestinyQuest.

When I first started out, self-publishing The Legion of Shadow back in the hazy mists of time, it always felt frustrating that I couldn’t get the book into the hands of more fans overseas. I felt their pain – long delivery times, exorbitant shipping prices and variable availability meant that, unless you were in the UK, getting hold of a copy of the book was always going to be a labour of love. To those who persevered, I thank you. Those sales and support have helped to get DestinyQuest to where it is now – and enabled my UK publisher Gollancz to secure distribution and translation rights abroad.

The French and Spanish translations of The Legion of Shadow were released last year. Both Bragelonne and Epic Arts have done a fantastic job of not only translating a hefty tome of a gamebook, but also expertly designing and typesetting the complicated format.


The French and Spanish translations are now available


French fans can access more information on the book here, including the prologue, a swanky-looking presentation guide, and the herosheet. One drawback to the French publication was that the Act 3 map was missing a couple of the icons (relating to the bonus content). The online maps have been updated and I am assured any future printings of the book will have the corrected map included.

Spanish fans can point their browsers to Epic Arts exciting ‘Dark Game’ portal, dedicated to their gamebook list and interactive content. Again, you can access the Legion downloads from there, which include the herosheet, glossary of abilities and some samples from the book. The Spanish edition of The Legion of Shadow is really a stunning piece of book design. If you’re a Spanish gamebook lover, then this book is a real treat!


The Spanish version - a masterclass in gamebook design


So, what’s incoming? Well, first off German gamebook lovers don't need to feel left out. Mantikore-verlag, a specialist hobbyist and gamebook publisher have acquired rights to The Legion of Shadow. I don’t know when the German translation will be available but expect further news later this year.

And, finally to the US. It’s been a long time in coming, but I now have a distributor in the US – Trafalgar Books. What that means is that the books will be a lot easier to get hold of. They will be available through online booksellers, such as Amazon, and as they will be distributed in the US, delivery times will be slashed to a few days (take my crit damage!) as will the price. So no need to re-mortgage the house to afford some of those ridiculous Amazon marketplace seller prices.

The release dates in the US are: The Legion of Shadow (May); The Heart of Fire (June); The Eye of Winter’s Fury (September). Sadly, if you’re State-side and want the new book for April then you'll still need to go through other retailers.

So there you have it. Great news, as I’m sure you will agree. And obviously, if Legion proves popular in France, Spain and Germany, then I am sure the other books will follow. Legion is a tricky one, if I am being honest, being my first stab at a new style of gamebook and written so long ago – I think it is quite a divisive book when it comes to the fans. It’s heavy on combat and light on choice; something that is rectified with the later releases. Fingers-crossed that international fans give the series a chance – then perhaps greater things may be on the horizon.

Keep on rolling!


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