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Posted by M J Ward on 15 October 2023

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If you’ve been following my social media and news updates, you will know that I have a new spin-off series in the works, the first title of which is coming to Kickstarter on 24 October. I thought I’d take this opportunity to get you up to speed with the info that has been shared – so you are fully prepared for day one of this exciting funding campaign!

DestinyQuest Raiders is set in the same world as my main series of gamebooks – however this has been completely (re)designed from the ground up to offer a more casual and accessible gaming experience. In Raiders you will be recruiting heroes, levelling up their abilities, and taking on hordes of monsters as you plunder dungeons and ancient ruins for legendary treasures.

This new gamebook series also introduces an innovative diceless combat system. There is no need for lots of book-keeping, number crunching or endless dice rolling in this game – instead, all you require is a pencil and an eraser in order to battle your way to victory.

Here are some links to videos and interviews on my official YouTube Channel that will help explain the game system as well as the many other exciting features of this new gamebook experience:

Main Launch Trailer

Meet the Author

How to Play DestinyQuest Raiders

Interview with Victory Condition Gaming

If you are interested in backing this project on Kickstarter, then why not sign up now via this prelaunch link – so that you will be alerted the moment the campaign goes live. As with all my campaigns, expect to unlock lots of cool extra loot as we adventure together to make this book project a reality. Also, supporting me on Kickstarter really helps me out as an author – so that I can continue to write these books and share more adventures in the future.

Hope to see you on launch day!

Happy adventuring!


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