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Posted by M J W on 15 September 2015

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I have some exciting news to share for DestinyQuest fans and those who may be thinking of giving the series a go. I was recently contacted by Doug Shute of Victory Condition Gaming who had a rather interesting proposition.

Doug has a network of channels on YouTube, Twitch and Livestream. He started the channels because both he and his nine-year-old daughter, Sydney, were keen to share their love of tabletop and board games. Since starting their shows, Sydney has really taken to some of the RPG live sessions on YouTube and wanted to create her own RPG show for the VCG channel. Doug then had the bright spark of an idea – how about doing a live gamebook playthrough? And so, ‘Page Flippers’ was born.

Doug already owned a copy of DestinyQuest 1: The Legion of Shadow, and had dabbled with the gameplay and loved it, but the hectic pace of life meant that he had never got to finish it. So, the idea of ‘Page Flippers’ seemed like the perfect opportunity to get immersed in the world of DestinyQuest once more, and introduce his daughter to the mechanics of an RPG adventure – in book form.

I have wholeheartedly given my approval for the series – as I think it will be a great way of getting new players involved with DestinyQuest. One of the neat things I liked about the idea was that, potentially, you could have a copy of the book and play along with Doug and Sydney at the same time. Of course, players may choose to make different choices at times – but via the comments and collaborative nature of the streams, these alternate adventures could also be discussed and compared as the series develops.

I have warned Doug that, unlike later books in the series, The Legion of Shadow is very much a combat-orientated battle-fest of dice rolling(!), but he is up for the challenge and has his lucky dice at the ready.

Will Doug and Sydney complete their adventure or will they face defeat at the hands of the sinister Legion? I guess we will all get to find out – and enjoy their journey along the way.  

If you’d like to follow and subscribe to the series, then here are all the important dates and links you’ll need:

Channel links

I hope you can join us for what I hope will be an exciting series!

Happy adventuring!



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