DestinyQuest: The Roleplaying Game

Posted by M J Ward on 5 August 2021

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Okay, I’ve been teasing this for some time now – but at last I am very proud (and ridiculously excited) to officially announce that DestinyQuest: The Roleplaying Game will be coming to Kickstarter early next year!

It was roleplaying games, like Dungeons & Dragons, that really got me hooked on fantasy, so it is an amazing privilege for me to be part of the team working on this – and it’s thrilling to see my world and characters really come alive in this particular format. Obviously, story has always been at the heart of all of my gamebooks, but it's never been possible to fully delve into the world and its lore within the confines of a gamebook. So, the roleplaying game is really giving me the creative freedom to go wild, and share all the history, characters and details of this world, that have previously just been scrawls and notes within various journals.

I’ve contributed over 100 pages of material to the core book – which is shaping up to be an amazing tome of wonders. It will essentially have everything a GM and players will need to get started, from the rules, items and abilities, to a detailed bestiary and starter adventure. And then, of course, there is the campaign section…

I’ve written a comprehensive timeline, character biographies, extensive lore on the magic system, religion, and the factions of Valeron – and produced an annotated atlas of maps. For fans of the DestinyQuest gamebooks, this will be an absolute treat, as this campaign section really deep dives into the world of Dormus and the events that have shaped its kingdoms, and led to its current state – a world on the very brink of collapse. A world that desperately needs heroes.

And when it comes to heroes, players will have a lot of tools to play around with. I’ve crafted 9 career trees (3 for each path – warrior, rogue and mage), and a total of 61 careers, each of which has their own abilities and narrative. Some of these will be familiar to players of the books – whilst others are completely new and exciting additions, which add further variety and depth to the world of DestinyQuest.

I encourage fans to visit the official DestinyQuest: The Roleplaying Game website to find out more – and to sign up for the newsletter. This will enable you to receive updates and sneak peeks at some of the upcoming content of the book. Also be sure to check out the first Dev Diary post by Josh, who talks about monster lore. You can also follow DQ:RPG on Twitter and Facebook.

The core book is planned to hit Kickstarter in Q1 or Q2 of next year. Before then, we will be sharing lots of cool stuff such as lore and game mechanics. This RPG promises to be a truly unique game experience – and this first book will definitely be a must-have for gamers and collectors alike.

So, check out the DestinyQuest: The Roleplaying Game website – and let’s get this crazy adventure started!


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