DestinyQuest IV – we have lift off!

Posted by M J Ward on 13 July 2017

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It’s been a long time in coming, but at last I can finally publish the news story I have been itching to write for quite some time now. This week contracts were drawn up and finalised, and I can now safely assure everyone that DestinyQuest Book Four is going ahead.

I’m very excited to be working with Mikael and his team at Megara Entertainment on the upcoming book. As a gamebook publisher, they are committed to producing high quality books for fans, and as previous successful kickstarter campaigns have shown, they know a thing or two about fund-raising and publicity too.

There will be a Kickstarter campaign for DestinyQuest Book Four running later this year – probably around October/November time. During the Kickstarter the book will be available as a hardback collector’s edition. I’m sure there may be other goodies too – so I’ll keep you posted! Megara have also set up a dedicated Facebook page for the new book, which will feature updates and news. 

With each successive book in the series, I've taken on board feedback and criticism, and tried to ‘raise my game’ to improve the experience for readers – giving deeper stories, more meaningful choices  and better gameplay. I feel confident the next book will continue this trend, giving readers an exciting new adventure full of mystery, new and memorable characters and – of course – loot. Plenty of loot.

I’ll be sharing much more info on the book as I progress with the writing – including sneak peeks at some of the careers and character builds, as well as other new and exciting game elements. It isn’t all about the game though. For those looking for a book that gives choice and consequence to a player’s actions, then this one will certainly deliver, I promise.

While it isn’t necessary to have played through the other three books to enjoy Book Four, readers will certainly get more out of the experience having done so. DestinyQuest 4 will feature a number of returning characters, which I am sure will delight long time fans of the series.

So if you were on the fence about plunging into the depths of the jungle in The Heart of Fire, or taking to the harsh northern tundra in The Eye of Winter’s Fury, then now might be the time to strap on your sword, don that backpack and get ready for adventure...

For Valeron! For Glory!


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