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Posted by M J Ward on 21 November 2013

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Okay, I'll start with an apology. It’s been nearly five months without a proper news update (poor showing from me, sorry!) so I thought I’d give you a little treat – call it an early Xmas pressie if you will. A while back I mentioned that one of the upcoming features in DQ3 The Eye of Winter’s Fury is a new category of special ability. Well, it’s time to tear away the wrapping and take a glimpse at the sheer awesomeness of this new ability: the death move.

The death move, as it name suggests, is a special ability that triggers when an opponent dies in combat. It doesn’t matter how they die (it could be through your hero's regular damage, a passive effect etc.), the ability can trigger. If you choose to play the death move then its ability is played immediately. The effects can vary depending on your path and the abilities you have acquired. Sometimes they will grant you an extra special attack, others might summon aid, provide healing or give you a boost in the next round of combat.

Each path is given their first ‘signature’ death move when they train up. Further death moves can be discovered through questing in the game world and completing various challenges. The starting death moves for each path are as follows:



Upper hand (dm): You automatically win the next combat round (without needing to roll for attack speed). Upper hand can only be used once per combat.


Scarlet strikes (dm): Automatically inflict damage equal to the total brawn of your main hand and left hand weapons to all remaining opponents, ignoring armour. Scarlet strikes can only be used once per combat.


Recharge (dm): You regain a speed or modifier ability that you have already used in combat – allowing you to use it again. Recharge can only be used once per combat.


Death moves add an extra layer of strategy to combat. Choosing when to play your moves can be critical as very often you will find yourself outnumbered by your opponents.  Once you have two or three to play with, you really will start to feel like an epic death-dealing hero of legend! Rogues will cut a bloody swathe through opponents, applying their dangerous passives to every enemy. Mages will be summoning minions to aid them and recharging vital abilities to deal even more pain. Warriors will discover healing buffs, to keep them fighting longer, as well as their staple ability, upper hand, which can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Lots of options, lots of fun. Bring on the death and destruction!

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The Eye of Winter’s Fury is available for Pre-order and will be released in April 2014. Not long now! 

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