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Fire and ice...

Posted by M J Ward on 28 May 2012

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With The Legion of Shadow special edition now unleashed on the gaming public, it seems a perfect time to look ahead to the future of DestinyQuest®. This November will see the release of the second book in the DQ series, The Heart of Fire. Like all the books in the DQ series, it can be played as a stand-alone title, but to really get the most out of the story, the characters and the various ‘in-game’ references, it helps to read the books in sequence. And of course, there is the opportunity to use your hero from The Legion of Shadow in the new book, teaming up with your Heart of Fire hero to take on some truly epic foes.

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The Legion marches...

Posted by M J Ward on 15 May 2012

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Well, it’s only 2 days to go until the launch of DestinyQuest: The Legion of Shadow, so to raise your geek excitement to unprecedented levels (well, I can try...), I thought I’d show you a sneak peek of the books! I’ve literally only just received them and, I'll admit, there was a little bit of trepidation mixed in with the excitement as I hastily tore away the packaging to reveal the books.

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Competition closed

Posted by M J Ward on 12 May 2012

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Just a mini update to confirm that the bookmark competition is officially closed. A big thank you to all those who took part – I was surprised and overwhelmed by the response. Speedy heroes who submitted their entries before the closing date (9 April) won their chosen bookmarks. These should be with you by now or, at least, on their way. Entries made after the 9 April sadly missed out, but there will be more opportunities to get hold of bookmarks in the future. Sorry for some of the confusion with the closing date - my fault for not making it clearer! You live and learn.

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