By fire be purged!

Posted by M J Ward on 30 October 2012

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I'd normally do some waffling preamble, probably a humorous anecdote (*) or two followed by some more waffling preamble. But you know what, I think this time I'll let the images speak for themselves :)


Yes, that IS a second DestinyQuest book - your eyes do not deceive you. This new behemoth to the DQ pantheon rolls in at 718 printed pages and 895 entries. It's not as weighty as I thought it would be (which is a relief if you consider all the flipping back and forth!). 


This is the back cover, with a quote from SciFiNow. (Assuming this was taken from the review of Legion, but would be nice if HoF can win similar praise of its own. We will see.)


The colour section is a sight to behold (got my geek juices flowing, that's for sure). The maps are fantastic - here is a sneak peek of the first one.


As I have my copies of The Heart of Fire early, I wonder if the book will go on sale before the 15 November date? I know with computer game releases, retailers are very stringent on sticking to those dates come Hell or high water (so, Hurricane Sandy then...). But fingers-crossed it might start shipping a little sooner.

A proud moment for me, holding this book. Odd such a small thing can be the product of so much blood, sweat, tears and stress. But I do have to thank the Gollancz team and the fabulous illustrators who made this "small thing" such a bundle of gaming goodness. And a gamebook of all things. That makes me smile. 

More updates soon!


(*) Well, the UPS delivery guy almost had a shock when I flung open the door before he had even knocked - to be presented with a wide-eyed loon in a dressing gown (it was still relatively early for a freelancer...) jumping up and down with a pair of scissors in their hands (always be prepared for tough packaging!). Oddly, I think he was rather glad to get my hasty signature and make a run for it. 




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