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Posted by M J Ward on 4 March 2019

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Thanks to the amazing support of fans during the Kickstarter campaign, a number of stretch goals were unlocked, including two special backing tracks to accompany the Raiders of Dune Sea. These two stunning soundscapes have been composed by DQ fans, Ben van Gastel and Antal Nusselder – who together form My Endless Y (

Honoring the amazing support of the KS backers, these talented musicians have offered these tracks free of charge – and the final compositions are absolutely stunning. Even if you are skeptical about listening to tracks whilst playing the book, I urge you to give them a listen – they’ll certainly get you in the mood for your adventures in Book IV. 

Both tracks are available from the downloads page of the DestinyQuest website - and direct links are also available below:

  • The Badlands backing track: Evoking the vast wastelands and ramshackle frontier towns of the Badlands, this stunning audio track is the perfect accompaniment to your Act 1 journey. 
  • The Dune Sea backing track: Desert plains, bustling cities and dark tombs are brought vividly to life through this spectacular soundscape based on Act 2 of your adventure.   

On the same page, you will also find links to the following additional stretch goals:

  • Colour hero sheet – take your adventures to the next level with this special colour hero sheet, designed to be used with the special ability cards (see below).
  • Tomb of Garriot –arm yourselves with the best weapons and spells for this end game challenge as you venture deep into an ancient tomb to discover its many secrets and treasures.

I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the fans who backed this project on Kickstarter and/or have supported me via this site and social media. I’m sorry it was a somewhat tumultuous journey and the ending was not quite what anyone hoped for (due to circumstances outside of my control) – but I am deeply touched by the kind words of support and the evident passion for the series which continues to burn bright.

I hope that you are able to obtain your copies of DestinyQuest Book IV – and I hope that you will return to support me next year when DestinyQuest Book V: The Edge of Time  comes to Kickstarter.

Wishing you many happy adventures!


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