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Topic: Missing Map?

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  • Re: Missing Map?

    If there are colour maps supposed to be included with the book then it's looking like I've got a dud copy... I've flicked through the whole book and the only illustrations in it are what look like puzzles all in black and White... Nothing with any colour other than the front cover obviously... Are these maps removable? Is it possible they fell out of the book during packing or are they literally pages in the book?

    P.s I'll wing some snaps your way when I get home from work.

    Cheers for the help, guys.

  • Re: Missing Map?

    That sucks. Find the first para number 1 and maps are pages before that

  • Re: Missing Map?

    They are not removable

  • Re: Missing Map?

    Here's a shot of what lies between the prologue and act one in my book...

    Time to get on the blower to Amazon I think. See if I can get a replacement... Just hope mines the only copy like this, or theres gonna be a lot of disappointed gamers out there! Was really looking forward to playing this asap, looks fantastic...

    Thanks for all the help. Keep it real!

  • Re: Missing Map?

    Hi Cronan

    I've not come across missing maps before! Unfortunate that you are the first but thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm really sorry, but yes - as you have deduced - you have a dud copy.

    I hope, like you, this is a one off. I am (sadly) in the habit of checking all the copies that I post out via eBay and I check all books at signings (I am a little OCD...) so this is the first I have come across to not have a map section. I can see how you would have been confused!

    All I can advise is that you return your copy to Amazon and ask for a replacement, citing that the colour section is missing. I doubt you will be lucky enough to speak to a human over at Amazon (heaven forbid) but they are prompt with their returns policy. I had to return a DVD last week as there was no disc inside. When I went through their online returns procedure they gave me a label to print out and a box to fill in with an explanation of why. I got a response in about half an hour and another copy two days later. All turned out good in the end.

    So, all I can say is sorry for the hassle and disappointment. There shouldn't be any problems exchanging it, but if there are then let me know and I'll send 'Da Boyz' round, awright?

  • Re: Missing Map?

    Sorry bud you were right after all. <blushes ashamedly> I hope you get your book sorted out so that you can get playing and chat more to the rest of us!

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