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Topic: Runes in The Stone Circle quest

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  • Re: Runes in The Stone Circle quest

    Oh noes! Then I played it wrong. Yes, the text directs you back to the circle, but from the circle it allows you to access the first rune again. Is it a general rule that you can never access a paragraph twice?

    On a related note, can I leave the village at any time to go back to the main map?

  • Re: Runes in The Stone Circle quest

    You can investigate each of the stones. Then the text states:

    If you have examined all four stones, turn immediately to 117

    So you can only examine each stone once.

    Yes, you can leave the village/town/camps any time you like. If there are places that you visit frequently (eg a vendor) then you can just make a note of the entry number on your hero sheet and turn to it when you need to buy potions etc. Makes it quicker ;)

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