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Topic: Multiple backstabs?

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  • Multiple backstabs?

    Can backstab be triggered multiple times in a single combat by different abilities? E.g. once for stunned then again later for webbed?

    On a related note, why do many abilities explicitly say they can only be used once per combat but others don't? (but presumably can still only be used once per combat)

  • Re: Multiple backstabs?

    Yes, backstab can be triggered multiple times.

    It may have been an oversight in the description text re: 'this ability can only be used once per combat'. Passive abilities don't have that text as they are persistent - and some modifier abilities can be used multiple times based on their description. The armour set abilities (in HoF) are missing the text I notice, and it should be there - think that's all I can really spot.

    In book 4 I actually decided to stop labeling abilities in that way, and I actually preface the glossary with the assumption that ALL abilities can only be used once, UNLESS otherwise stated. Saves a lot of text and confusion I think

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