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Topic: Stacking Bonus?

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  • Stacking Bonus?

    Old guy here. First, I just started the first book and I love it! Sorry if I missed this in the rules or posts but I have a question about weapon bonuses. If I have a weapon in each hand and they both add a +1 to the same attribute, I stack those when fighting right? So it would be a +2 for speed, or +2 for armor, etc. That’s all for now, I’m ordering the next book as well.

  • Re: Stacking Bonus?

    Hey Santos

    Glad you enjoying the first book. Yes, you are correct - you always stack all bonuses from all items (weapons, armour etc.).

    So for example, if you had:

    Chest piece: +2 brawn +1 armour
    Main hand weapon: +1 brawn
    Left hand weapon: +2 brawn +1 armour

    Then those items would add +5 brawn and +2 armour.

    So all items add to your hero's attributes when fighting, as they would in any crpg.

  • Re: Stacking Bonus?

    Thanks for the quick response! That’s what I figured but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get too powerful to ruin the fun of the game. Great book, Thanks again.

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