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Topic: Using Bolt Ability

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  • Using Bolt Ability

    Ok I've been playing a while (act 2 of book 1) and so far everything I need is here but now I decided to create an account just for this:

    I have a charged bolt ability and I won't a combat round it's time to roll for damage. Question: when I use the bolt ability to do 3 damage dice, do I still get to roll my damage roll for the round?


  • Re: Using Bolt Ability

    Won* a combat round.

  • Re: Using Bolt Ability

    I think with any special ability it is used instead of rolling normal dice

  • Re: Using Bolt Ability

    Thank you for the reply I thought I would never get a response. Can you point me to where I can see that rule? Thanks!

  • Re: Using Bolt Ability

    Hi cghosn

    I'll admit, the ability text could be clearer, but the intention (as Matune says) is for the bolt ability to work as a combat ability for both instances - charging it up, then releasing the bolt. So when you release the bolt (3 damage dice), these would replace your normal roll for damage.

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