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Topic: Ignite

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  • Ignite

    I am a bit unsure about the spell ignite. When you roll 2 dice, do you do the same damage to all your opponents or do you roll 2 dice for each one?

    I have been playing it where I just roll 2 dice and apply the same damage to all. Is this the correct way?

    Very cool game. I am enjoying it a lot!!!!!

  • Re: Ignite

    I haven't got far enough into the game yet to have such an ability, but looking at the glossary, I would take it to mean that you roll 2 damage dice for each opponent (leading to different amounts of damage to each opponent).

  • Re: Ignite

    Actually, Pyre - you were right (sorry Blue Crayon!). I have always played it (and meant it to be played) that you roll 2 dice and then apply that damage across all opponents. That goes for all AOE abilities (like ignite, cleave etc).

    So, against - say three opponents - roll two dice and get a [4] and a [6]. So that is 10 damage to all of your opponents. If the wording is unclear then perhaps I need to revisit. It is probably a bit open to interpretation! I chose that method as it saves time - just roll the dice once, rather than re-rolling and having to remember who you are attacking etc.

  • Re: Ignite

    Good to clear that up as I was a bit uncertain but ended up going with Pyre's method of rolling once. Who cares anyway - I have Icelock now

  • Re: Ignite

    I not had any aoe ability yet (played rogue on first play) but i agree wit bluecrayon that i would take it to roll for each opponent. Maybe just work on the wording in the glossary.

    I don't think it make much difference if you roll once or for each anyway

  • Re: Ignite

    Sure, take your point! I'll tweak the text on the online glossary and get a new version (1.1) up for the weekend. Like you say Blazzor, really doesn't make a huge difference what interpretation you use as I guess both have advantages and disadvantages that cancel each other out. But yes, will get that clarified anyway!

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