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Topic: Special Achievements

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  • Special Achievements

    If I fight a monster that has a special achievement, like wormwood, and I fail at to accomplish the special achievement but defeat the monster in the process, am I allowed to retry for the achievement and better loot or do I have to accept the results? I figured since it was an achievement and usually it's hard to pull of we can keep retrying if wanted but wanted to be sure.

  • Re: Special Achievements

    Technically if you complete the battle then you can't go back and re-fight it, so if you completed it but failed the special achievement criteria, then you would not be eligible for the related reward. But there's nothing to stop you house-ruling the game so that you can try a battle multiple battles to try and achieve that achievement. It would not be 'game-breaking'.

  • Re: Special Achievements

    I've opted for a house rule stating: You can try for special achievements as many times as you wish, but once you leave the battle you can no longer try. Essentially you can re-try during your first encounter, but you can't leave to get better gear and try again. Unfortunately this leaves me with a less than 1/46656 chance of getting the wormwood special achievement...

  • Re: Special Achievements

    my method for gaining the special acheivement on the hydra was to disengage and start the fight over if it looked like i wasnt going to make it

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